Planting Services, Simcoe County, ON

Our planting services will help you achieve your landscaping goals in Simcoe County.

Planting Services in Simcoe County, Ontario
Planting Services in Simcoe County – Whether you have an established garden that needs attention or you are ready to plant something new on your property, knowing what to plant and where to put it can create unlimited options. At BDR Property Maintenance, we can help you more easily achieve your goals of a beautiful landscape with our planting services that are ideal for renewing and recreating your residential or commercial property in Simcoe County, Ontario.

  • Flowers – Adding flowers at the right time of year can truly transform your landscape. With our planting services, we can recommend the flowers that will provide long-lasting beauty and enjoyment of your property throughout the year.
  • Trees & Shrubs – Trees and shrubs are another great addition when you want to add formal planting to your landscape or create a more mature space outdoors. Our team is happy to provide planting services that include trees & shrubs in the ideal places throughout your property.
  • Garden Design – At BDR Property Maintenance, we also offer garden design services that can help you put your landscaping ideas on paper before planting your trees, shrubs and flowers. We can discuss your vision, create a beautiful garden design, and then provide planting services that bring your vision to life.

Contact us at BDR Property Maintenance today to discuss your landscaping maintenance and lawn care needs, including how our planting services can help you quickly and efficiently achieve your goals. We offer competitive rates and quality workmanship that will tell you we are the right company for your needs.



At BDR Property Maintenance, we offer planting services in Simcoe County, Ontario, including Barrie, Midland, Alliston, Tiny, Orillia, Angus, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, and Coldwater.